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Holidays in Skyros Greece

Located to the northeast of the famous island of Evia is where you will fine the lesser-known Sporades island of Skyros, which provides the perfect setting for an authentic and relaxing Greek island experience.

Skyros Island - Greece

The three main Sporades Islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos are all located close together, whilst Skyros appears to have been nudged further south away from this main group.

The island of Skyros is a very traditional and simple island, yet many visitors to Greece find themselves paying a visit to the island to experience it's relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

As with the other Sporades Islands, Skyros is also an island that is rich in vegetation and natural beauty. With it's charming coast, and wonderful beaches, it is an island on which one cannot help but to unwind and relax. Skyros is a very unspoilt island, where one feels as though time has stood still.

The delightful main town of the island, known as Skyros Town, is one whose setting is that of an island from years gone by, with delicate whitewashed houses, cluttered together, forming a very inspiring landscape.

Holidays in Skyros

There are several interesting and picturesque villages and towns around the island, though not as many as the other Sporades islands. These small traditional towns are perfect for visiting, where you can take a delightful stroll, and admire some of the beautiful views that reach the horizon of the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

The southern part of the island is very scarcely populated, and visitors here will not find much in the means of local services or accommodation facilities. The majority of travellers to the island base themselves in the northern half, from which they can then venture out, and explore the island at their own leisure.

You will find a great selection of accommodation in Skyros. The most popular location is the north east coast and the towns of Magazia and Molos, where you can find lots of accommodation right next to the sea and the famous sandy beach. For more information about accommodation, head over to www.SkyrosHotels.com where you can find details about lots of hotels and accommodation on the island.

For those who enjoy the sea and sun, Skyros has a wonderful selection of beautiful, untouched beaches spread out all around the coast. During the summer months, one can head off to a beach, and enjoy pure peace and relaxation.

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