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Mainland Greece

Greece is a very mountainous country, and this can be seen from various parts of Greece which you may visit, with mountains dominating the skyline. It is also a country that is virtually surrounded by sea and beautiful beaches. The Greek mainland is a wonderful combination of sea, and mountain, with stunning nature found all over the country.

Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece can be broken down into small groups, which comprise of Athens, the Peloponnese, Thessaly and Central Greece, Epirus and Macedonia and Thrace in the north.

Athens - Mainland Greece Athens

Athens of course is the capital of Greece, and home to some of the most famous and popular sights in Greece, such as the Parthenon on the Acropolis, the temple of Sounion, and many others.

It is home to approximately 4 million of the total population of Greece. Many travelers to Greece will arrive at the Athens airport, and from here, move onwards to the holiday destination. From the port of Piraeus, visitors can catch a ferry boat to a wide selection of the Greek Islands. [ Athens Greece Travel Guide ]

Peloponnese - Mainland Greece Peloponnese

The Peloponnese, location in the south of Greece, is a very beautiful and popular destination for many holiday makers. The Peloponnese is steeped deep in history and folklore, and is home to many of Greece's best archaeological sites, such as Olympia, Mycenae, Corinth and Epidaurus. The Peloponnese region of Greece is very different to the other regions and islands of Greece. It is sparsely populated, and offers simply stunning views and scenery. [ Peloponnese Greece Travel Guide ]

Thessaly and Central Greece Thessaly & Central Greece

Thessaly and Central Greece is a region of Greece that is well known for it's natural beauty. Combining mountainous areas and beautiful beaches, as well as the large island of Evia, Central Greece is a perfect destination for holidays in Greece full of relaxation and peace and tranquility. [ Thessaly Greece Travel Guide - Central Greece Travel Guide ]

Epirus - Mainland Greece Epirus

The famous region of Delphi can be found to the south of the region of Central Greece, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Greece after the Parthenon in Athens. With the stunning areas of Meteora and the famous monasteries, and the simple beautiful Mount Pelion region, you will surely find this area of Greece one of simplicity, interest and beauty. The region of Epirus on the West side of Greece is probably one with the strongest regional distinctiveness out of all of mainland Greece. The area is one full of mountainous peaks, ravines, forests and beautiful rivers on the Pindus range. [ Epirus Greece Travel Guide ]

Macedonia and Thrace - Mainland Greece Macedonia & Thrace

Northern Greece is an area of Greece that is very popular with visitors who wish to avoid the hustle and bustle of the Greek Islands, and who prefer a more laid back holiday. The two main areas of Macedonia and Thrace dominate Northern Greece.

The city of Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, resides between Macedonia and Halkidiki in the north and it a very beautiful and interesting city to visit. The North East Aegean Islands are also very close, and ferry boats travel to and from these beautiful islands on a regular basis. [ Macedonia Greece Travel Guide - Thrace Greece Travel Guide ]

As with the Greek Islands, there is a huge choice of regions which you can visit when you have your holidays in Greece. Though it is most likely that most visitors will arrive in Athens, there is so much more to Greece than this historic city. With archaeological sites and places of great interest scattered all over Greece, as well as beautiful beaches, stunning monasteries and churches, and so much more, your Greek holidays will be one that you will remember and cherish for many years after.

Mainland Greece

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