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Hotels in Skiathos Greece

Below you will find information about hotels and accommodation that are located on the green and beautiful island of Skiathos, which is part of the group of islands known as the Sporades Islands. Skiathos is a hugely popular holiday destination for visitors to Greece, and provides amazing landscapes and scenery and gorgeous beaches. There are frequent ferry boats to and from Skiathos.

Featured Hotels in Skiathos Greece

Below you will find a selection of featured hotels and accommodation in Skiathos, Greece.

Skiathos Golden Beach Hotel - Skiathos Greece
Skiathos Golden Beach Hotel - Hotels in Greece
Skiathos Greece
Telephone Tel: ( + 30 ) 24270 49395Mobile Mobile: ( + 30 ) 6984 020982

At the Skiathos Golden Beach Hotel in Koukounaries, you will find an excellent selection of comfortable accommodation and great facilities for your holidays in Skiathos.

Website More information about Skiathos Golden Beach Hotel

Online Hotels in Skiathos Greece

Below you will find a selection of hotels and accommodation in Skiathos that are available for online bookings. These hotels and accommodation offer excellent facilities and services, and by booking online you can make great savings. For more information about a specific hotel, simply click on the link under the image.

Aegean Suites Hotel

Aegean Suites Hotel - Megali Ammos Greece Aegean Suites Hotel - Skiathos
Aiolos House
No Rating Available
Aiolos House - Korai 5 Greece Aiolos House - Skiathos
Alexandra's House
No Rating Available
Alexandra Alexandra's House - Skiathos
Amalthia Studios
No Rating Available
Amalthia Studios - Parodos Evagelistrias Greece Amalthia Studios - Skiathos
Arco Hotel

Arco Hotel - Agia Paraskevi Greece Arco Hotel - Skiathos
Aretousa Hotel

Aretousa Hotel - Korai 2 Greece Aretousa Hotel - Skiathos
Blue Horizon Studios
No Rating Available
Blue Horizon Studios - Agios Fanourios Greece Blue Horizon Studios - Skiathos
Bourtzi Boutique Hotel

Bourtzi Boutique Hotel - Moraitou 8 Greece Bourtzi Boutique Hotel - Skiathos
Cape Kanapitsa Hotel & Suites

Cape Kanapitsa Hotel & Suites - Kanapitsa Greece Cape Kanapitsa Hotel & Suites - Skiathos
Central Guest House Skiathos
No Rating Available
Central Guest House Skiathos - Evaggelistrias Greece Central Guest House Skiathos - Skiathos
Chrissomallis Apartments
No Rating Available
Chrissomallis Apartments - Vigles Greece Chrissomallis Apartments - Skiathos
Chrysoula's Guest House
No Rating Available
Chrysoula Chrysoula's Guest House - Skiathos
No Rating Available
Despoina - Evaggelistrias Str Greece Despoina - Skiathos
Elsa Hotel

Elsa Hotel - Skiathos Town Greece Elsa Hotel - Skiathos
Eye Q Resort
No Rating Available
Eye Q Resort - Megali Ammos Greece Eye Q Resort - Skiathos
Fotinos House Skiathos
No Rating Available
Fotinos House Skiathos - Evaggelistrias Greece Fotinos House Skiathos - Skiathos
Four Seasons Villas
No Rating Available
Four Seasons Villas - Kalivia Greece Four Seasons Villas - Skiathos
Fresh Rooms and Studios
No Rating Available
Fresh Rooms and Studios - New Port Greece Fresh Rooms and Studios - Skiathos
Hellen Studios
No Rating Available
Hellen Studios - Megali Ammos Greece Hellen Studios - Skiathos
Hotel Australia

Hotel Australia - Parodos Evaggelistrias Greece Hotel Australia - Skiathos
Hotel Kostis

Hotel Kostis - Evagelistrias 5 Greece Hotel Kostis - Skiathos
Hotel Lalaria

Hotel Lalaria - Megali Ammos - Ftelia Greece Hotel Lalaria - Skiathos
Hotel Marlton

Hotel Marlton - Euaggelistrias str. Greece Hotel Marlton - Skiathos
Hotel Punta

Hotel Punta - Punta Greece Hotel Punta - Skiathos
Hotel Rene

Hotel Rene - Megali Ammos Greece Hotel Rene - Skiathos
Hotel Villa Orsa

Hotel Villa Orsa - Skiathos Greece Hotel Villa Orsa - Skiathos
Irini Studios
No Rating Available
Irini Studios - Troulos Greece Irini Studios - Skiathos
Iris Skiathos
No Rating Available
Iris Skiathos - Skiathos Town Greece Iris Skiathos - Skiathos
Kanapitsa Mare Hotel & Spa

Kanapitsa Mare Hotel & Spa - Kanapitsa Greece Kanapitsa Mare Hotel & Spa - Skiathos
Karafelas Hotel

Karafelas Hotel - Papadiamanti Str 59 Greece Karafelas Hotel - Skiathos
Kleopatra Villas - Seaside Suites
No Rating Available
Kleopatra Villas - Seaside Suites - Kolios Bay Greece Kleopatra Villas - Seaside Suites - Skiathos
Kolios Beach Seaview Studios
No Rating Available
Kolios Beach Seaview Studios - Kolios Greece Kolios Beach Seaview Studios - Skiathos
La Piscine Art Hotel, Philian Hotels and Resorts

La Piscine Art Hotel, Philian Hotels and Resorts - Evagelistrias(close to peripheral road). Greece La Piscine Art Hotel, Philian Hotels and Resorts - Skiathos
Lena Apartments
No Rating Available
Lena Apartments - Skiathos Town Greece Lena Apartments - Skiathos
Lena's Guest House
No Rating Available
Lena Lena's Guest House - Skiathos
Magic Hotel

Magic Hotel - Agia Paraskevi-Platanias Greece Magic Hotel - Skiathos
Manolas Studios
No Rating Available
Manolas Studios - Skiathos Town Greece Manolas Studios - Skiathos
Meltemi Hotel
No Rating Available
Meltemi Hotel - Skiathos Town Greece Meltemi Hotel - Skiathos
Mouria Hotel

Mouria Hotel - Skiathos Town Greece Mouria Hotel - Skiathos
Nopi Pension
No Rating Available
Nopi Pension - Papadiamanti & Evagelistrias  Greece Nopi Pension - Skiathos
Orianna Apartments
No Rating Available
Orianna Apartments - Xanemou 18 Greece Orianna Apartments - Skiathos

Ostria - Agia Paraskevi Greece Ostria - Skiathos
Pandora Studios
No Rating Available
Pandora Studios - Skiathos Greece Pandora Studios - Skiathos
Pansion Matoula
No Rating Available
Pansion Matoula - Skiathos Town Greece Pansion Matoula - Skiathos
Pension Eliza
No Rating Available
Pension Eliza - Ksanemou 11 Greece Pension Eliza - Skiathos
Pension Galini
No Rating Available
Pension Galini - Skiathos Town Greece Pension Galini - Skiathos
Pension Itzes
No Rating Available
Pension Itzes - Skiathos Greece Pension Itzes - Skiathos
Pension Margarita
No Rating Available
Pension Margarita - Ag.Nikolaou 23 Greece Pension Margarita - Skiathos
Pension Meteora
No Rating Available
Pension Meteora - Glykofilousis 5  Greece Pension Meteora - Skiathos
Pension Nikolas
No Rating Available
Pension Nikolas - Skiathos Greece Pension Nikolas - Skiathos
Pension Vasiliki
No Rating Available
Pension Vasiliki - Skiathos Town Greece Pension Vasiliki - Skiathos
Philippos Studios
No Rating Available
Philippos Studios - Perifereiaki Odos Skiathou Greece Philippos Studios - Skiathos
Plaza Hotel

Plaza Hotel - Kanapitsa Greece Plaza Hotel - Skiathos
Poseidon Villas

Poseidon Villas - Agios Fanourios Greece Poseidon Villas - Skiathos
Pothos Hotel

Pothos Hotel - Evagelistrias Greece Pothos Hotel - Skiathos
Skiathos Garden Cottages
No Rating Available
Skiathos Garden Cottages - Megali Ammos Greece Skiathos Garden Cottages - Skiathos
Skiathos Princess

Skiathos Princess - Ag. Paraskevi Greece Skiathos Princess - Skiathos
Stelios Studios
No Rating Available
Stelios Studios - Megali Ammos Greece Stelios Studios - Skiathos
Strophilia Hotel Apartments

Strophilia Hotel Apartments - Koukounaries Greece Strophilia Hotel Apartments - Skiathos
Studios Dimitris
No Rating Available
Studios Dimitris - Ammoudia Greece Studios Dimitris - Skiathos
Studios Mahi
No Rating Available
Studios Mahi - Skiathos Town Greece Studios Mahi - Skiathos
Studios Villa Eleni
No Rating Available
Studios Villa Eleni - Agia Paraskevi Greece Studios Villa Eleni - Skiathos
Studios Zoi
No Rating Available
Studios Zoi - Papadiamanti & Evagelistrias Greece Studios Zoi - Skiathos
Villa Anna
No Rating Available
Villa Anna - Megali Ammos Greece Villa Anna - Skiathos
Villa Ariadni
No Rating Available
Villa Ariadni - Pounta Greece Villa Ariadni - Skiathos
Villa Karina
No Rating Available
Villa Karina - Kolios Greece Villa Karina - Skiathos
Villa Kavourakia
No Rating Available
Villa Kavourakia - Vromolimnos-Kolios Area Greece Villa Kavourakia - Skiathos
Villa Kim
No Rating Available
Villa Kim - Achladies Greece Villa Kim - Skiathos
Villa Spartias
No Rating Available
Villa Spartias - Xanemos Beach Greece Villa Spartias - Skiathos
Villa Xanthippi
No Rating Available
Villa Xanthippi - Agia Paraskevi  Greece Villa Xanthippi - Skiathos
No Rating Available
Xanthippi - Agia Paraskevi Greece Xanthippi - Skiathos

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