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Hotels in Larissa Greece

Below you will find information about hotels and accommodation that are located in the interesting and picturesque region of Larissa, which is situated in the region of Thessaly in Central Greece. Larissa is a very popular destination for travellers throughout the year who come here to enjoy the excellent landscapes and scenery, as well as the many places of interest.

Featured Hotels in Larissa Greece

Below you will find a selection of featured hotels and accommodation in Larissa, Greece.

Ios Traditional Guesthouse - Larissa Greece
Ios Traditional Guesthouse - Hotels in Greece
Skiti - Agias Larissa Greece
Telephone Tel: ( + 30 ) 24940 51500

The Ios Traditional Guesthouse in Skiti offers an excellent selection of quality and comfortable accommodation for your holidays in this magical part of Greece. The guesthouse has excellent guest facilities and is open throughout the year.

Website More information about Ios Traditional Guesthouse

Online Hotels in Larissa Greece

Below you will find a selection of hotels and accommodation in Larissa that are available for online bookings. These hotels and accommodation offer excellent facilities and services, and by booking online you can make great savings. For more information about a specific hotel, simply click on the link under the image.

Asteras Hotel Larissa

Asteras Hotel Larissa - Kouma & Asklipiou 22 Greece Check Rates & Availability Asteras Hotel Larissa - Larissa

Diethnes - Plateia Ose Greece Check Rates & Availability Diethnes - Larissa
Dionissos Hotel

Dionissos Hotel - L.Katsoni 24 & 23rd October Greece Check Rates & Availability Dionissos Hotel - Larissa
Divani Palace Larissa

Divani Palace Larissa - 19, Papanastassiou Street Greece Check Rates & Availability Divani Palace Larissa - Larissa
Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel - Papakiriazi 16 & Alex. Panagouli Greece Check Rates & Availability Grand Hotel - Larissa
Hotel Achillion

Hotel Achillion - Kentavron Str, 10 Greece Check Rates & Availability Hotel Achillion - Larissa
Hotel Elena

Hotel Elena - 28 Check Rates & Availability Hotel Elena - Larissa
Hotel Metropol

Hotel Metropol - 14, Rousvelt str. Greece Check Rates & Availability Hotel Metropol - Larissa
Larissa Imperial

Larissa Imperial - 182 Farsalon Str Greece Check Rates & Availability Larissa Imperial - Larissa
Traditional Guesthouse Eos
No Rating Available
Traditional Guesthouse Eos - Skiti Agias Greece Check Rates & Availability Traditional Guesthouse Eos - Larissa

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