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Epirus - Greece

Situated on the west coast of Mainland Greece, opposite the popular Ionian Islands, the region of Epirus is one of extreme natural beauty, and a vary popular destination for holidays and travel throughout the year.

Epirus - Greece

Not long ago, the region of Epirus was considered to be one of the lowest econimically regions of Greece. However, it's immense beauty, inspiring scenery and well developed infrastructure have elivated the region, and today Epirus is enjoying great prosperity, especially within the tourism industry.

Magical beaches that retained their natural beauty, rivers, gorges, lakes, forests and traditional villages all comprise to create a truly stunning holiday destination.

Many of the houses found in Epirus were built by the famous stone craftsment from the region, who also built houses and mansions all across Greece.

The region of Epirus has it's roots dating back from the ancient years, and the many monuments such as Byzantine churches and monasteries prove the importantce of the area.

Epirus consists of four counties ... Arta, Thesprotia, Ioannina and Preveza. Zagorohoria, a charming group of villages are situated north of Ioannina, and here you will find lots of renovated old houses.

In these traditional villages many of these houses operate as hotels providing a unique selection of accommodation, offering warm hospitality, and giving visitors the chance to experience the natural and beautiful environment of Epirus.

For holidays with charming scenery, traditional villages, and a wonderful selection of beaches, the Epirus region of Greece is an ideal destination.

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