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Greek Food and Cuisine in Greece

The Mediterranean cuisine is rich in vitamins and proteins and is based mainly in Greek foods such as olive oil, feta cheese and numerous vegetables, that give the Greek cuisine a unique taste.

The Greek climate is ideal for all of these foods, and also the lots of colorful fruits.

Some of the unique Greek tastes that are unforgettable are as follows:

:: Souvlaki ( Made from pork meat, tzatziki, tomato and onions )

:: Mousakas ( Obergines, potatoes, mince meat and besamel sauce )

:: Pastitsio ( Made of macaroni, mince meat, cheese and besamel sauce )

:: Tzatziki ( Made of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, vinegar and olive oil )

:: Skordalia ( potatoes, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil )

:: Taramousalata ( cod roe, potatoes, lemon juice and olive oil )

:: Stuffed Vegetables ( tomatoes, peppers, courgettes stuffed with rice )

:: Dolmades ( vine leafs, stuffed with rice mix )

:: Greek Salad ( tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onions, feta cheese, olives, oregano and olive oil )

For the lovers of sea food you will find a lot of fresh fish, octopus and squid. All of the Greek food goes very well with Greek wine either white, roze, red, the traditional white wine (retsina), ouzo or tsipouro.

After your meal enjoy Greek sweets like, baklava, milk pie, bougatsa, kataifi and many more. For those that prefer more natural tastes try Greek fruits like red water melon, yellow melon, pears, grapes, figs and many more.

There is so much variety to choose from with Greek cuisine, that you can always find something new and unique to sample.

Many regions all over Greece serve traditional foods and meals that are unique to those particular regions, and cannot be found anywhere else.

In this case, it is sometimes wise to try something new from the menu and experiment with the Greek tastes, instead of ordering something "safe", which you have already tried and know. Go on, be a little adventurous next time you are out dining.

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