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The Argo Saronic Gulf Islands - Greece

The Saronic Gulf Islands are a group of islands that are situated very close to Athens. They consist of the islands of Aegina, Hydra, Agistri, Spetses, Salamina, Poros and the small peninsula of Methena.

Argo Saronic Gulf Islands - Greece

All of the Argosaronic islands have daily and frequent connections with Pireaus Port, and with Athens being only a breath away, they attract a lot of visitors for weekend breaks.

The island of Aegina is only 1½ hours away from Pireaus and attracts a lot of visitors that come here even for just a day. There are a lot of Fish restaurants, bars, cafes, and there are also a lot of beaches that make this island ideal for family holidays.

The Peninsula of Methena is connected with Argolida in Peloponnese and has some very nice beaches, making it a very popular destination during the summer months.

Poros is a charming quaint island and situated a very small distance from Peloponnese. The small fishing port of Galatas with a lot of sandy beaches, the monastery of Zoodohou Pigis, and the lemon tree forest make this island perfectly suitable for quiet holidays or even a small weekend break.

The island of Spetses is one where you find find a large number of beautiful neoclassical buildings, offering an insight into the past years of the island. There are many green hills full of pine trees making Spetses a very popular island for those who love walking.

Hydra is a very unique island, and one that all visitors to Greece should try to visit. It is a preserved island and one where cars are not allowed on the island.

Walking around Hydra you will see a charming selection of traditional buildings, and a very peaceful and relaxing setting, ideal for holidays away from the noise and stress of everyday city life.

The Argosaronic Gulf islands attract a large number visitors throughout the year. The close proximaty with Athens and the port of Piraeus, make the islands an easy destination to reach, and one where you can enjoy simple day trips, weekend breaks or full length holidays.

With the regular ferry and boat connections amongst the various islands, one can easily travel to and from the islands, taking in their own unique charm and beauty.

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