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The History of Greece

The history of Greece is a very complex and interesting one filled with both facts and fiction, which takes place in the form of Mythology.

Through a journey of 8000 years, events have taken place with have shaped the Western World in which we live in today and formed the basis of many aspects of our lives such as democracy, medicine and freedom.

The History section of AroundGreece is not yet complete, and we will adding to the various periods of Greek history in the very near future. At the moment, we have historical information up to the rise and fall of Sparta. All historical events after this period are currently being prepared.

The following is a brief overview of the main historical periods of Greece and links to their respective pages in this section of AroundGreece.com.

Early History of Greece

Prehistory and Earliest History of Greece
The Cycladic Civilization
The Minoan Civilization
The Mycenaean Civilization
The Dorian Invasion
The Writings of Homer

The Archaic Age

The Archaic Age ( 800 - 500 BC )
The Archaic Age - Sparta
The Arhcaic Age - Athens

The Classical Age

The Classical Age ( 500-404 BC )
The Ionic Revolt

The Persian Wars

The 1st Persian War
The Battle of Marathon
The 2nd Persian War
The Age of Pericles

The Peloponnese Wars

The 1st Peloponnese War
Sicily and Athens
The 2nd Peloponnese War
The Rise and Fall of Sparta

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